Can't Stop The Rain

by Richard Allen Gilbert

Released 2005
Released 2005
i consider my style folk..songs of life
Richard Allen Gilbert was born August 20, 1955. Raised in Fort Worth Texas. The second of four children. He has been singing and playing since he was 14. He never really took it seriously until the last 2 years. His oldest son Ryan who is also a singer songwriter convinced his father to take his music public. Richard played a few open mics in Denton, but couldnt muster up the nerve to step out and play a show. People on MySpace took notice to his lyrics and voice and the comments have been very favorable. Through his sons convincing to go into the studio, he released his first CD, Cant Stop The Rain. The CD can be purchased at You can also listen to 4 of his songs from the CD at and see some of the comments from people on the site. There is a link on the site to purchase the CD. He has played a few gigs locally in Denton, Texas at Art Six Coffeehouse. He has also played at Absinthe Lounge in Dallas and Eurotazza Coffeehouse in Fort Worth. His next performance will be at The Absinthe Lounge on July 4th starting at 9:00 pm. You can check his website on MySpace for more information. You can also contact him at Here is what some of the people on MySpace and from his shows are saying about his lyrics and singing.
A recent show in Fort Worth at Eurotazza Coffee House was visited by Lisa Gray, who is also a singer/musician. This is a quote from her blog on that performance. Last night was an interesting one. "Robert and I went to the Eurotazza Coffee House in Fort Worth to hear Richard Allen Gilbert perform (which, incidentally, was a rich combination of Paul Simon-esque arpeggiated chords, razor sharp lyrics reminiscent of Johnny Cash, descanted by a deep soothing voice speckled with Dylan).

Another fan said this about Richard ..."there is something about your voice that is so soothing. there is something about yours songs that puts me there. you have an amazing way with your lyrics"

yes another says "I am totally captivated with your style and music. It's like free-falling into my personal being and enjoying the ride for the first time in my freakin-life!"

He has always been a James Taylor fan and developed a finger picking style of his own. Self taught in both writing and music. Some his music touches the soul. Some of his songs are from real life experiences and are very personal to him. Please visit his site and let him know what you think. Richard Gilberts music is like a squids ink permeating a clear ocean scene. It stirs up the sand inside and leaves ones vision blurred and facing the blue.

Ok I have typed enough in third person. Geeeez it is like I am not even here.

Coffeehouses, books, music, traveling when I can..these are a few of my favorite things.

On a personal note. I am divorced with two sons. Both in college. I am working for the same company I have been with for the past 31 years. I hope you enjoy the music.

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