Let's Go

by Richard Gilbert

Released 2016
Released 2016
I am a singer songwriter who writes insightful lyrics about life, travel and retrospect.
Born in Fort Worth, TX, Richard Gilbert has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 14 years old. Inspired by the James Taylor's lyrics and playing style and Al Green's voice, Gilbert worked for years to channel those eclectic influences into a unique style characterized by unconventional musicality but firmly rooted in folk traditions.
After a few years of traveling, Gilbert settled in his adopted hometown of Denton, TX, where he played his first open mic night in 2004 at the urging of his son, a regular on the Denton folk music circuit. Since that night, Gilbert has enjoyed a wide variety of musical opportunities, including playing at the Tulsa Mayfest in 2013, 35 Denton 2015, Unofficial Shows at SXSW 2015, Oaktopia 2015 and opening for local favorites Sleepyhouse and Savage and the Big Beat.

Gilbert has released two full-length albums, 2005's Can't Stop the Rain and 2011's On the Run (hailed by Tom Franks of Folkwords as a collection of "soul-soothing songs that will stand the test of time"), and one EP, 2013's Faraway Girl. “I Love The Night” 2015 (great reviews by Lucinda Breeding Denton Record Chronicle and Tom Franks FolkWords UK.
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Richard Gilbert’s songs are image-rich narratives built around insightful lyrics and perfectly placed melodies that reflect on a range of emotions, public and private, making statements you can relate to with messages that touch. His album ‘I Love The Night’ follows that trend but there’s also an enduring theme of travelling within its songs, not merely physical journeying but philosophies of moving on, looking back and restlessness. If there was an album to offer itself as a perfect soundtrack for a ‘road movie’ or ‘right-of-passage’ story, then this is the one – film producers take note.
There’s the same laid back vocals that relate the stories giving them a warmth and ready acceptance that makes you want to take to the journey with Gilbert, just to see where the road goes or where it’s been. ‘This Old Highway’ leads you in, ‘In My Arms’ shares the everyday reality of relationships, while the title track ‘I Love The Night’, takes a pragmatic look back down the road of experience. The album is only six tracks long, which is a shame, but that only makes those of us of a certain age want to hear more of these musical and poetic journeyings, especially if they follow the memory-filled ‘I Would Go’ – love that song .
The artists playing on ‘I Love The Night’ are Richard Gilbert (guitar, lead vocals) Jesse Thompson (upright bass, vocals) and Melisa Ratley (vocals).
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Review: Tom Franks
- See more at: http://richardgilbertmusic.com

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